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Solid Waste 


Cleanup Drives

  • We have our waste management units in Gandipet, Khanapur, Aziznagar, Yenkepally and Coonoor (Nilgiris). In Coonoor, we partnered with the local NGO, Clean Coonoor.

  • Units at Ibrahampatnam, Turkayamjal and Shadnagar are under installation. Our units collectively process almost 10,000+ kgs of waste every day and they service 5000+ families.

  • Our Khanapur unit also processes waste from 2 large IT corporate companies. 

  • We cleanup areas near the Gandipet lakefront every weekend, with the help of volunteers.

  • We are currently cleaning up the first 5 kms of the Musi river.

  • We assist other volunteer groups with their initiatives ex: conducting plogging event for Golden Mile Group,  NGO Dhruvansh segregate compostable waste and plastic during Ganesh immersion.

  • We also assist animal welfare organizations like Animal Warriors during their drive at Gandipet lake to remove all ghost nets. These ghost nets were then sent for processing to our waste processing units.

Training & Awareness & Acknowledgements

  • Our volunteers train households in gated communities, apartments, schools and villages on waste segregation.

  • We train municipal sanitation workers.

  • When U.N. officials visited our unit, they appreciated our efforts in reviving an age old composting method.


Stepwell restoration - Bapughat

  • In Dec 2021, we successfully rejuvinated a 300 year old Asaf Jahi Era stepwell at Bapughat, in Langer house, Hyderabad, Telangana. This stepwell is located near the Sangam of rivers Musi and Esi. The place also holds as a testimony of Gandhi’s ashes immersed at the site. 

  • The process of revival has been attempted in an holistical manner with respect to its architecture and hydrology, as per international guidelines for heritage structures. 

  • This complete process was a combined effort of many artisans from many states and took around 282 days.


Stepwell restoration - Bansilalpet

  • In Dec 2022, we successfully rejuvinated another 300 year old Asaf Jahi Era stepwell at Bansilalpet in Secunderabad, Telangana. The history of the stepwell has been traced back to the Chalukya period and the Kakatiya dynasty. 

  • The well has a depth of 52 feet and can hold 22 lakh liters of water. A total of 2000 tonnes of garbage was removed during the resotoration process. 

  •  This project involved a complex coordination between GWS,  various government organisations, sustainable architects and pvt companies.

  • On Dec 6th, 2022, the Government of UAE awared this stepwell as a "Sustainable Revitalization initiative of the year."

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